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Do you suffer from idiopathic craniofacial erythema? I do, and so does Yale Professor and essayist Colleen Kinder.  Her essay about blushing is the feature story in the newly released Volume 2 of Under the Gum Tree, a non-fiction literary micro magazine put together by Janna Marlies Maron at Thinkhouse Collective.

Can we every really understand why our fathers behave the way they do? Can we comprehend what exactly it is that they pass on to us?

And why is it that sometimes we can’t keep ourselves from steering straight into disaster?

Steve Almond is in these pages, helping us to see the trouble with easy listening, as he explains how the move away from vinyl has affected his relationship with music and, for all of us, the very act of listening.

Contemplate why a woman would have herself wrapped in red crepe paper in the desert.

And more. In this gorgeous book, available in digital and print editions here.

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