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How can creative pros leverage eCommerce?

I don’t know if this is something all editorial freelancers worry about, but I know that in between editing projects I am trying to figure out how to be more efficient at my business as far as leveraging online marketing and sales opportunities. The problem is, when it comes to building my own business, I am like a dog in a garden full of squirrels. I run this way and that. Chase around one idea and bark up trees (yes, often the wrong ones).

I’ve set up dummy websites where I’ve tried to package what I do and price various options for a client to put in their basket, like eCommerce sites do. Never launched because I never settled on exactly what to sell and how to sell it this way. I’ve seen other editorial freelancers do this, and it looks great on the site. I’ve never asked them how it works out on the back end. (This post contains an affiliate link. One thing I’ve done right! This means that if you sign up, my friend will know that I sent you and send me a token of her appreciation.)

I’ve also created and built campaigns around offering high value guides and checklists to new editorial freelancers, to potential clients who want to hire an editor, to writers who want to submit to literary magazines—and never launched any of them.

What a waste of time and energy. Why don’t I follow through?

I think it might come down to the fact that I don’t precisely understand my offer, my audience, and my platform (or the logistics of what comes after).

Creative Law Center’s eCommerce Essentials

It’s as if my friend and affiliate Kathryn Goldman at the Creative Law Center has read my mind, because she has a workshop this week precisely on this. (Actually, it’s because she too is a creative entrepreneur.) Her workshop THIS WEEK is about building our creative businesses online. It’s called Online Sales: eCommerce Essentials for Creative Businesses [Live Workshop] and it’s will be live on Wednesday, February 16 @ 1 pm Eastern time.

Here’s what her announcement says:

Build, run, and grow your creative business by leveraging the power of an online presence. You can sell your books, your art, or your creative services on your own website, on third-party marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, on specialty sites like Society6, digital platforms like PayHip. There are a ton of options for us.

  • To identify exactly what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to;
  • How to create a product suite from your primary work, product, or service; and
  • How to choose the marketing signals that align with your strengths.

Once you understand your offer, your audience, and your marketing platform, the rest is logistics. This workshop is an opportunity to learn about how to put it together to map out your online success.

eCommerce Essentials for Creative Businesses

This workshop is being offered as a stand alone opportunity. You do not have to be a member of the Creative Law Center to attend it. You’ll get an email with the Zoom link for Wednesday, February 16 at 1 p.m., EST once you sign up. You will have access to the replay for a year.

This is a live, interactive workshop using Zoom. You will be able to ask questions in real time, so bring your list. Real questions! With a real, live, successful eCommerce creative professional. And a creative rights attorney! Love it.

As you know, I trust Kathryn and love Kathryn’s workshops, and find the Creative Law Center so valuable that I became a partner with her. If you sign up using this link, she’ll know I sent you and send me a cut of your registration fee.

To learn more and sign up for eCommerce Essentials for Creative Businesses, this link will take you to the Creative Law Center page.

This post contains affiliate marketing links. But I wouldn't share it if I didn't believe in its value. 
Author: Robin Martin
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