Recommended Resources for Writers

Why a Resources Page?

Here on this Resources page you will find only people, products, and services that I have used and recommend. I’d recommend these to my mother. In some cases, which I have clearly identified, I have arranged it so they are affiliates or partners with me, Robin Martin Editorial, and Two Songbirds Press. In these cases, at no additional cost to you, I will receive some small compensation for you linking to them from my site. I sure appreciate that you trust me with your projects and also trust me to suggest superior resources for you to reach your goals.

Creative Law CenterHeadshot of professional Kathryn Goldman Legal Resource

Membership in the Creative Law Center

Membership in the Creative Law Center is designed to give you the resources, knowledge, and skills you need to help yourself when it comes to protecting the creative assets on which you are building your business, all while building affordable one-on-one access to an attorney when you need it. Kathryn also offers fantastic webinars for creative professionals- on subjects like avoiding libel, using song lyrics, securing copyright registration, creating a business entity, getting paid what you’re worth, and more. Check out what she’s got going on!

Lawyer-Crafted Membership for Prudent Entrepreneurs and Careful Creatives! Protect Your Work So You Can Profit from It.

independent book store finder

Buy from an Indie Bookstore near you

This link will take you to Indie Bound, an Independent Bookstore aggregate. Find your local bookstore to shop there without leaving home. It’s just as easy to shop at your local bookstore as it is the big Gargantuan store, it does more to support the local economy, and feels terrific. Buying a book after clicking this link will earn me a very small commission. It’s the right thing to do. #reading #indiebookstores

logo to Pat Flynn's Build Your Own Brand

Build Your Own Brand

A Free 5-Day Challenge to Help You Build a Brand and Website You Can Be Proud Of. I worked with Pat Flynn and Team SPI for about a year and a half, and this is one of my favorite challenges. It is an affiliate link, which means if you go on to buy a course within 90 days of clicking this link, I will get a finder’s fee. But this challenge is free! What have you got to lose?

Eevie children's book university write children's books workshops

Children's Book University

Eevi Jones: Helping you write your children’s book. By the end of this 3-part Masterclass, you will have found your absolutely PERFECT age range and you won’t be able to wait to finally dive into the creation process of your beautiful story!

live animal webcam

Virtual Aquarium

Sometimes we need to stop looking at text. Sometimes we need to de-stress. Sometimes we have a big unused monitor on one side of our desk. In these cases, I highly recommend you visit the California Academy of Sciences live animal webcams. You can watch penguins if you prefer them to fish.

resources for writers

Self-publishing Boot Camp

Self-publishers have a tremendous number of resources out there now, but which ones are tested by objective real users, and which ones are thinly veiled ad campaigns for a specific expensive offshore publishing package?

Carla King is the real deal, a writer who, many years ago, embarked on her self-publishing journey. She’s tried everything and has been teaching aspiring self-publishers the lessons she learned the hard way.

Her latest project supporting self publishers are her Self-Pub Bootcamp courses,  and I recommend it to anyone thinking about going on this ride. This affiliate link will take you to all of her courses, she’ll know I sent you, and it won’t cost you a penny extra. I recommend self-pub boot camp for writers.

duotrope; lit mag; software

I recommend Duotrope to research lit mags and track your submissions.

Duotrope is a subscription-based service for writers and artists (only $5/mo) that offers an extensive, searchable database of current fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art markets, a calendar of upcoming deadlines, a personal submission tracker, and useful statistics compiled from the millions of data points we’ve gathered on the publishers and agents they list.

Carla King Self Publishing Boot Camp

Author Friendly is Carla King's 30-minute podcast all about self publishing.

Carla King interviews self-publishing industry professionals who make the products, tools, and services that help you write, design, format, produce, distribute, market, and sell your book.

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