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How does the serious fiction writer get his/her book to the reader?

A few of my colleagues and I have begun a project in which we will thoroughly research the options that serious fiction writers have for getting their books to print. What is the future of publishing? You’ve written a book, but the traditional routes of agents, publishing houses and big box bookstores are in a state of flux with the economy. What does the writer do now? How does the writer get the book to the reader?

This white paper will include history and background, current trends in the industry, and will examine up close a few ways a book can get to the reader, including:

The TRADITIONAL route: Through an Agent>Editor>Big publishing firm, was once the only legitimate way to get a book published. Small independent houses have been swallowed up by larger corporate houses that now have dozens of imprints. They are focused on dollars and the bottom line.

The CUSTOM PUBLISHING route: What used to be “vanity presses” have evolved into a legitimate option for writers with a platform.

BY-PASSING PRINT route: Can you say Amazon Kindle?

What do we gain and lose in any of these formats? What is the earning potential, exposure, prestige, shelf space made available by these options?


We project that this project will be completed by May 20, 2009, and look forward to sharing it with you!

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