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I love getting the email notice that the new Issue of Under the Gum Tree has arrived! It means, of course, that all of my team’s hard work has produced a thing of beauty that others can enjoy. It means that it is almost time to get to work on the next issue. And although I’ve already read every word between the covers several times, it means that my print copy will soon arrive, and I get to sit in the shade by the pool and read them all again.

The publisher had an Amazon-related snafu recently where all of our subscribers were deleted and their subscriptions cancelled! Major snafu for a little lit mag like us. Each issue we just about cover our operating costs (we are a 100% volunteer staff!). Though Janna contacted every subscriber individually, most haven’t taken the time yet to solve the problem.  Our goal is to reach 100 subscribers before Issue 18.

Will you help?

If you’ve previously subscribed, then, yes, really, you do need to subscribe again. Sorry for the trouble. If you haven’t before, consider it now. Beautiful art and photography, stunning high quality design, and true stories.

“The editors of Under the Gum Tree have created lovely space for creative nonfiction and visual art, prioritizing connection between artists, readers, writers, between people. It is the kind of publication that makes you feel, and allows the human experience, in all its variety, to coexist in these pages, as well as in the space between these pages and the reader, and in doing so, makes something beautiful.” In Stories (and Art) Without ShameTheReviewReview.net

Issue 16 is available for your summer reading now. In it, you’ll find an excerpt from Nick Jaina‘s musical memoir Get it While You Can, as well as many never-before published pieces of literary magic.

Thanks for your support!

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Author: Robin Martin
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