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The National Pen Women have announced the 2014 winners of their Keats Soul Making Literary Awards.

In a marvelous testament to the company I keep <winkwink>, I need to extend congratulations to my client Samuel Autman and my friend/colleague Jen Palmares Meadows for their honorable mentions in three categories!

Samuel’s piece, “The Tongues of Angels,” is part of a creative non-fiction collection we worked on together, called Sanctified: A Memoir. Other stories from the collection have been published, including the one called “Genesis,” which is here, and one of my favorites. His agent is shopping it now, and we have high hopes! (Another story Samuel wrote was made into a short film called The Long Walk, and can be viewed here.)

Jen has an admirable short story and essay publication record, including The Denver Quarterly, The Rumpus, the doctor tj eckleburg review, and upcoming in Brevity, and has also produced a chapbook.

She writes creative non-fiction, humor, religious essays, and is a real talented woman (with three kids under 7!).

These writers are working hard, and deserve every bit of recognition they get.

Congratulations Jen and Samuel! I’m proud to know you and not ashamed to brag about it.

Author: Robin Martin
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