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On Facebook, a feature allows a person to Poke a friend. I’m not entirely sure what that means, other than it lets the person know that they’re thought of, and there isn’t anything new to say. I have always poked my friends; whether it’s been just a brief phone call or e mail or even a note sent snail mail. I have always poked my associates now and again, just checking in to see how a project is going, or how that problem ended up being solved. It’s important for relationships to poke. But I need to know if Facebook Poking has the same impact as the less-effortless poking. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it isn’t heartfelt, you know?

I bring this up because I poked the author I am representing with Andrea Hurst and Associates Literary Management Agency (I am a freelance associate). We pitched her book last week and thirteen editors requested the manuscript. We haven’t heard back yet. I know we will. But I figured she was waiting and biting her nails and doing an excellent job of not harassing me. So I poked her. A little poke: Just wanted you to know there’s been no news from the pub houses yet. As difficult as it is to have patience, we’ll give them time to read it. I’ll touch base with every one of them after two weeks from the date I sent it. If we get an offer before that, I’ll contact every one of them and tell them we’ve got an offer and ask if they’d like to counter. It’s not unheard of to wait up to 7 weeks to hear back; if they are looking at a lot in their meetings or it ends up in a “maybe” pile, but I doubt we’ll wait anywhere near that long. It’s all good! 

She sent me the nicest reply, articulate and encouraging, and made me feel like I was doing my job well:

Hi Robin – 

You cannot possibly understand how much this note meant to me.  I thank you for taking the time to explain how you’ll proceed – how we haven’t heard anything, yet – how I’m not “forgotten.” Yes, I remain on tenterhooks, but they’re slightly less barbed now.

Thank you again for your generous note.  You’re amazing.

Wasn’t that a nice affirmation?

I’d like to thank Jen for her comments on this blog. Without her, I’d feel utterly unpoked!

Poke Poke!


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