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I am happy to be able to say that I am one of two winners of a free 3-month Resident membership at The Urban Hive: a co-working community of creative independent professionals. Brandon, James & Janna, The Urban Hive Co-founders, say: “The place that we work should enhance the work that we do. And we believe that there is a value in working alongside other creative professionals and entrepreneurs that share our values.”

So starting some time next week, I’ll be there, with Ken’s novel spread out around me, working on that substantive edit in the company of others who would otherwise likely be, like me, home arguing with the pile of dishes in the kitchen sink, attempting to ignore the bad metaphors hurled at them from the unmade bed, and spending too much time taking calls from the snack foods in the pantry.

Sacramento co-working space: the un-office
Sacramento co-working space: the un-office
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