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Do you keep track of your reading via Goodreads?

Why do you do it?

Have you tried to remember all of the books you’ve ever read?

Who are you following?

Do you write reviews? Are you tight with your stars?

I do it sporadically.

Because I want to know what my friends are reading, and as a writer/editor, feel it is part of a necessary social networking presence.

I have remembered back for quite a few, but have never taken the time to try and remember all; doubt I could.

I follow Daniel Grandbois. I’m not sure what it means to follow someone on Goodreads- maybe you don’t know them well enough to befriend them but you still want to know what they’re reading?

I don’t usually write reviews, but I tell people they can find my reviews at San Francisco Book Review.

I am very tight with my stars. Harper Lee, John Irving– they get 5. That to me is hard to achieve. I’ve noticed others seem rather generous with stars, or else they are madly in love with everything they read.

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