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An expert in the field has enlightened me to the concept that one perhaps cannot/should not be a “Press” without in some way being, well, a press, a publisher, of some kind. Is this really true? I have become quite attached to the name Two Songbirds Press, and nothing else seems to fit so well. As a writer/editor, I shape things; I compress global ideas into language for a designated audience and rhetorical situation—Both of these exist within the realm of meanings for the word press. Right now I don’t actually do custom publishing or print on demand, but one day I may. I don’t produce and print a literary magazine, but, again, one day I may. I have not limited myself with my name— or have I?

Two Songbirds Editing? BO-RING. Two Songbirds Notes?  Two Songbirds Quill? Two Songbirds Lit? Not sure they represent me well. I am so NOT CUTE, and while the “lit” idea, meaning both lit-upon-a-branch lit and also literature lit is definitely the most clever (thanks A), I’m just not sure. I’ll put it out to my other colleagues for their responses. (See poll below, and please give me some feedback.)

If my day wasn’t already over, I’d do some research on the origins of the word “press,” but again, that would be the expected thing to do, so perhaps I wouldn’t.

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