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This Wreckage of Reason II blog tour has been a great way for me to learn about new presses, meet new communities of readers and writers, and of course, get to know amazing individuals. The tour continues to be documented on our Tumblr account. 

Contributor Karen Lillis has a new chapbook published by NightBallet Press, an independent small press, interested in the musicality of language and the originality of expression in poetry, with a commitment to excellence. It looks like a terrific poetry press, and they have some great deals right now on multiple titles.

The latest stop on this week’s blog tour for the Wreckage is  Donna Wyszomierski— and a story from her collection, Bad Mayonnaise. Here’s how it begins: 

“Starting in the Movies”
It was about three years ago that I started in the movies.  I wrote some screenplays based on my life, set them all to music.  I cast myself in the leading role, got someone to produce them.  I soon found myself a star, made a couple million dollars.  Of course there were men who wanted to share my modest fortune.  The first one was head camera man.  He did the movie work, he said, to put bread on the table, his real passion being homegrown crops.  He was fighting agribusiness.  He pictured me a farmer’s wife, waking with the roosters.

Read more of Wyszomierski’s piece here.

WORII, published this spring by Spuyten Duyvil Press, is now available for Kindle, if you’re one of those e-reader types. Here is the Amazon description: In this follow up to the 2008 bestselling Wreckage of Reason: An Anthology of Experimental Prose by Contemporary Women Writers, 29 contributors use different styles and language genres, their tools at hand, to illustrate moments of conflict, amusement, bafflement and joy that make up a day, a year, an individual life or a collective history. Held up to the light or inspected under a microscope, set in locales real, virtual, mythic, and imaginary, characters bump into and move through events, leaving readers with the humorous, sad, sexy and playful ambiguities of what it means to be alive. This anthology provides a much needed venue to spotlight women writers engaged in serious creative writing projects chronicling and responding to our current culture. 



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