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Ah, well, the long gap in posts is in this case an indicator of GOOD THINGS! I’ve been working very hard on all kinds of your projects.  Today I finished a document for my eighth client since October 1.

I have two appointments in person on Friday, a phone consultation this afternoon and another on Monday, and then I hope to get a week of vacation in before I start engaging full time with a long-time client who is ready to move onto the next stage… publication! This will take me through January, when I will add teaching a publications elective to middle-schoolers to my agenda. Whoosh. I LOVE it!

Anyway, that was way too many exclamation marks. I hate them. If you have them in your writing, take them out. Now.

I thought you might be interested in a rundown of what I’ve been working on lately:

  • Three children’s book authors are looking for a home for their picture book texts, and I am helping them do this, either by providing feedback regarding the marketability of their particular pieces (Hi Jim), researching and creating targeted pitch lists of editors at publishing houses that accept submissions from authors (Howdy Dave), creating targeted pitch lists for agents who will then sell their work to the large mainstream publishers, or providing insight into options that don’t involve finding a publisher or an agent.
  • Two fiction writers (Shout out- Elizabeth and Ed) turned to me to evaluate their manuscripts and let them know the strengths and weaknesses of their characters, conflict and resolution, and writing craft. Both, I am proud to say, returned to me post-E & C asking for my continuing service.
  • One inspirational writer/poet at the start of her new path as a writer came to me for an E & C of two hybrid manuscripts, one of which she had self-published and sold ten copies. I helped steer her in the right direction towards finding support and a critique group, and how to find other work like hers that she can read and from which she may learn some specifics about the craft. (woo hoo Sharon, you go girl)
  • A foreign-born scientist at the university sent me a research paper-based article for a complete grammar edit based on a referral by one of his engineering department colleagues. (many thanks, Yong)
  • A graduate student sent me her Masters thesis for a grammar and copy edit. (congrats Tara)
  • A physician with a non-fiction nutrition book sent his book proposal to me for an evaluation and critique, and I provided him a five-page evaluation, complete with assistance on how to build his platform, what numbers he has to include in his proposal for it to get attention, and suggestions for rewritten copy that will make it sing. (Sell it Homaydun)

If I do say so myself…


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