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If you’re searching for information about the right way to self publish, you have to filter through a lot of words on the internet. Most of it is written by companies that want you to use their platform, or want you to “self” publish by hiring someone to do it all for you. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question: What is the right way to self publish. But one of the best authorities on the subject is Jane Friedman, whose introductory guide, here, is a great place to start.

Is it cool to self-publish?

Since my time working with a literary agent during and after graduate school, I’ve been witness to a revolution in the publishing industry. Back in 2008, pretty much the only acceptable way to publish was with a publishing house that represented a group of authors and employed a group of editorial, marketing, and distribution specialists in-house. And an author needed representation by an agent to get in the door of these places. Most writers were essentially barred from ever getting their work into the hands of readers. The learning curve was huge and the industry was very gated.

The technological changes that led to the normalization of self-publishing have really democratized the publishing industry. Anyone who wants to hold their own book in their hands can do so, with varying degrees of success, of course. Though the gates are open, successful self-publishing also has a huge learning curve.

Don’t self-publish alone.

Truth is, if you want to self publish successfully, you really can’t do it all alone. Self-publishing the right way means that the author manages the publishing process themselves and hires professionals to do the work that requires experience and skills that the writer doesn’t have.

I’ve seen tremendous growth in the self-publishing services field since I helped my first client publish his memoir in 2010 on CreateSpace (now Amazon KDP). How did he choose me? It was a referral from the agent with whom I had once been working. But how will you choose someone to assist you? Check out the link to Jane Friedman, above. Another option, if you’ve got a completed manuscript, you can reach out to me through my Contact Us page. We can set up a phone consultation for a mutually convenient time to chat. Want another trustworthy option?

Live webinar: How to self-publish the right way:

My colleague Kathryn Goldman is hosting a Creative Law Center webinar to help you figure out the right way to self publish your book. The webinar is called Publishing Services: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly, and it will take place Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at 1 p.m. Eastern.

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In this month’s Creative Law Center workshop, Kathryn and her guest, publishing consultant Allyson Machate, will explore the types of services that are available for each step in the publishing process. They promise to discuss how to identify the services you need. They’ll also discuss how to maximize the return you get when investing in book production. They’ll talk about how to evaluate services, and how to avoid getting scammed.

The Creative Law Center has provided me with so much valuable advice that I now partner with Kathryn to share what she has to offer. Please check out the Creative Law Center’s webinar on Publishing Services using this link and she will send me a small finders fee and know I sent you.

Author: Robin Martin
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