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what is art licensing

Can artists be earners?

Artists can be earners. You might have seen my Twitter post (@SacramentoRobin) about working in NYC for a day at Capsule Gallery Auctions. It is owned by artists (my clients) who have found a way to earn a living through curation and sales of other people’s art collections.

As a creative artist myself, I am very aware that what we do doesn’t always translate into cash. When I work on my own piece of writing—a short story, or an essay—I don’t know if I’ll ever get paid for it. But since I also provide a service (content editing, which is both an art and a science), I can be an earner.

But many other artists are trying to make a living by making their own art, and one of the ways to do this is through licensing it to others for use.

What is art licensing?

I have another friend who makes funny cartoon panels. Those panels would be excellent in a newspaper, of course, but they would also work on t-shirts or on mugs, even on pillow cases.

He doesn’t have to become a retailer to sell his art in this way. The rights to create these items, to distribute, and create derivatives of his cartoon panels can be sold, or rented, and my friend, the artist, could make money from this. This is what art licensing is about.

Is art licensing complicated?

Art licensing may seem very complicated, but my friend and colleague, attorney Kathryn Goldman of Creative Law Center, is hosting a webinar to discuss sales, pricing, and contract terms for creative artists who would like to license their artwork. If anyone can make it easier for creatives to navigate the legal landscape, Kathryn can. She brings in an expert and asks really smart questions. There is always time for Q&A.

Kathryn has provided me with so much valuable advice that I now partner with her to share what she has to offer. Please check out the Creative Law Center’s webinar on Art Licensing using this link and she will know I sent you.

Here’s the info on this month’s Creative Law Center webinar:
Art Licensing: Sales, Pricing & Contract Terms
Wednesday, October 20, 2021
1 p.m. Eastern

Again, here’s the link to learn more. Creative Law Center Art Licensing Webinar
(This is an affiliate link, which means that if you click it and join the webinar, Kathryn will send me some of what she earns from the sale as a note of appreciation. It won’t cost you anything extra.)

Author: Robin Martin
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