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Wreckage of Reason, contemporary experimental women writers,

Just when you thought the steam had run out, Andrea Scrima adds more coal to the furnace. The blog tour surrounding the anthology of short works by experimental women writers (of which I am one) continues.

Her conversation with Snežana Žabić and Margarita Meklina, two Wreckage of Reason II writers appeared in The Brooklyn Rail on July 13th.

“Wreckage of Reason II: Back to the Drawing Board is an anthology of contemporary experimental women’s writing. The anthology, as Leora Skolkin-Smith has written,

‘stands on its literary merits alone, but it also elicits questions that point far beyond its own physical presence in the publishing arena—questions primarily to do with the threatened future of experimental and literary writing itself, with the questionable health and well-being of our current literary culture and its openness or lack thereof to work that isn’t consumerist in intent.’

Andrea Scrima invited two of her co-authors in the anthology, Margarita Meklina and Snežana Žabić, to take part in a conversation about what experimental writing means today—beyond the marginalization the label inevitably leads to, both in terms of commercial viability and literary visibility…”

Read more in The Brooklyn Rail. 

It seems to me that a creative writing teacher would do well to incorporate this text and all of this gorgeous supporting material into the upcoming year’s syllabus. Feminism. Consumerism. Experimentation. Marginalization. And don’t forget: Fun.

Nava Renek and Natalie Nuzzo (eds.)
Wreckage of Reason II: Back to the Drawing Board 
(Spuyten Duyvil Publishing, 2014)

Author: Robin Martin
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